Quality and quantity of fungal communities from old-growth plots in the Bohemian Forest


Comparison of old-growth structure with managed forests to capture the current communities of fungi with an `all taxa biodiversity index´ approach


Are there differences in the beta-diversity concerning the habitat specifications to the species richness (= quantity) and the habitat potential as a reserve for more rare species (endangered species, indicator species) (= quality)



Fig. 1: Comparision of fungal communities (Image M.Striegler 2019)


3 localities (Germany, Czech Republic, Austria)

  •   2 sites per locality
  •   10 plots in each side (5 old-growth, 5 managed forest)
  •   => 60 plots

6 compartments:

  • 3 x living: leaf/needle, foilsample (semi-living)
  • 3 x dead: leaf/needle, deadwood (early and late state of decay)
  • 5 replications (18 samples per plot)


sample effort: 18 x 60: 1080 (360 per country)


analysis: meta-barcoding (Illumina MiSeq, Eurofins)